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Candye Kane – Coming Out Swingin’ (2013)

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caThe California Songstress Candye Kane has had a rough go of it lately (recently battling Cancer a second time) but her new release Coming Out Swingin’ finds her on top of her game when it comes to the blues/soul/rock that she has become famous for.
The title track pumps some tight horn arraignments in a retro swing style reminiscent to The Brian Setzer Orchestra. “Rock Me To Sleep” plays up the old timey blues rock with a tight guitar provided by the fantastic Laura Chavez.  That 50’s rock takes on a distinct Jerry Lee Lewis piano turn on “Au Revoir Y’all” and the shaking blues styles may have hit a high with “Barbed Wire Mouth”.
Kane tries a bunch of classic tried and true styles, but her voice fits much better to the rock and blues numbers then when she tries to get soulful.  “When Tomorrow Comes” and “Rise Up” are cuts straight out of Motown and while the band carries off the playing, the vocals just don’t match up all that successfully.
However when Kane lets the blues flow she is dynamic and that happens for the majority of tunes on Coming Out Swingin’.  “I’m The Reason Why You Drink” is catchy, punchy blues rock while the horn led “Darling Baby” cooks.  Her vocals also take center stage on two slow burners, “Invisible Woman” and “What Love Can Do” showing that Kane still has raw power in her pipes.

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