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Calexico – El Mirador (2022)

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Calexico – Live at White Stage, Roskilde Festival 1.07.2000

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Calexico – Discography

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Calexico – Selections From Road Atlas: 1998-2011 (2011)

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Calexico – Seasonal Shift (2020)

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Calexico – Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA 12.01.2002 (2002)

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Calexico – Single & EP

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Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us [Deluxe Edition] (2018)

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Calexico – The Black Light [20th Anniversary Edition] (2018)

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Calexico – Live in Nuremberg 2009

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Calexico – Edge Of The Sun [Deluxe Edition] (2015)

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mp3 320 kbps | 133 MB | UL | UA | Edge of the Sun began with a songwriting retreat to the historic Mexico City borough of Coyoacán. Working for the first time with Mexican collaborators, Calexico expanded their horizons as the guest list grew to include musicians from a myriad of backgrounds, origins, and […]

Calexico – Spoke (1997)

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Calexico – Quattro (2003)

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Calexico – Circo (Original Soundtrack) (2010)

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“When director Aaron Schock sent us an email describing his documentary film about three generations of a Mexican family circus, it peaked both John Convertino’s and my curiosity. What angle would he take with the story, where would it lead, and how would it look and feel? What we were subsequently sent, was an amazing […]

Calexico – Live In Der Fabrik (2003)

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Tracks: 01.Across The Wire 02.Not Even Stevie Nicks 03.Frontera Trigger 04.Sunken Waltz 05.Spokes 06.El Picador 07.Si Tu Disais 08.Stray 09.Woven Birds 10.Quattro 11.Convict Fool 12.Dub Latina 13.Alone Again Or mp3 160 kbps | 62 MB | UL

Calexico – Convict Pool EP (2004)

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Calexico quickly followed their excellent Feast of Wire album with the Convict Pool EP, a collection of covers and original songs that all bear the stamp of the band’s dramatic Southwestern sound. The EP kicks off with their version of the Love classic “Alone Again Or,” which, along with the title track, was also released […]

Calexico – Spoke (1997)

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Calexico snatch up the bits of Americana turned out by a rototilling of the national music psyche. The 19 resultant tracks can be small as insects (the shortest being half a minute in length) and erratic in flight; there are lo-fi songs and themes that proceed without concern for what came before. One bit is […]

Calexico – Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011 (2011)

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Selections from Road Atlas: 1998-2011 is another example of how much care and thought Calexico take in presenting their music to their fans. A distillation of the limited-edition vinyl set of eight tour-only releases — itself a project the band embarked on because fans requested it — it plays like a travelogue through Calexico’s lesser-known […]

Calexico – Algier (Deluxe Edition) 2СD (2012)

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Tracklist: CD 1 – Algiers 01. Epic 02. Splitter 03. Sinner In The Sea 04. Fortune Teller 05. Para 06. Algiers 07. Maybe On Monday 08. Puerto (4:24) 09. Better And Better 10. No Te Vayas 11. Hush 12. The Vanishing Mind CD 2 – Spiritoso 01. Frontera/Trigger 02. Epic 03. The News About William […]

Calexico – Algiers [Deluxe Edition] (2012)

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Double gatefold digicase edition with bonus disc of live recordings with symphonic orchestras in Vienna and Potsdam** Everyone’s favourite desert-dwelling purveyors of lush Americana present their first new album proper in some four years with ‘Algiers’. The group originally wanted to record their latest LP in Europe, but living the country slow-life, as they do, […]