Strawbs – Deadlines (1978,Reissue, Remastered 2019)

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CD 1:
01. No Return
02. Joey And Me
03. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss
04. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
05. The Last Resort
06. Time And Life
07. New Beginnings
08. Deadly Nightshade
09. Words Of Wisdom
10. Midnight (Out-Take)
11. No Return (Dave Cousins Acoustic Demo)
12. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss (Dave Cousins Acoustic Demo)
13. Time And Life (Dave Cousins Acoustic Demo)
14. Deadly Nightshade (Dave Cousins Acoustic Demo)
15. Words Of Wisdom (Dave Cousins Acoustic Demo)
16. The Chosen Ones (Dave Cousins Acoustic Demo)
17. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss (Band Demo)
18. No Return (Dublin Production Mix)
19. Joey And Me (Dublin Production Mix)
20. Deadly Nightshade (Dublin Production Mix)

CD 2:
01. Lay Down (Live)
02. The Last Resort (Live)
03. Ghosts (Live)
04. No Return (Live)
05. Heartbreaker (Live)
06. Sealed With A Traitors Kiss (Live)
07. Simple Visions (Live)
08. Cut Like A Diamond (Live)
09. Out In The Cold (Live)
10. Round And Round (Live)
11. Hero And Heroine (Live)

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