Sting – The Bridge [Deluxe Edition] (2022)

Posted by Green on June 16, 2022
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Sting’s latest album, The Bridge showcases the 17-time Grammy Award winner’s prolific and diverse songwriting prowess, with an array of songs representing styles and genres explored throughout his unrivalled career. Written and recorded in the early stages of the pandemic, the eclectic collection, produced by Sting and Martin Kierszenbaum, features Sting’s quintessential sound as he takes listeners on a musical journey.

To celebrate the release, Sting performed a private concert at the Panthéon in Paris as part of FIP’s 50th anniversary, under Foucault’s pendulum (pendulum installed in evidence of the earth’s rotation). Now, a Super Deluxe version of The Bridge will be released on June 17th and will include six tracks recorded at the Pantheon, as well as “Por Su Amor”, the Spanish version of his song “For Her Love”, in duet with Latin American singer/songwriter KURT. The new collection was mixed by Grammy Award winner Robert “Hitmixer” Orton.


1. Rushing Water (3:18)
2. If It’s Love (3:14)
3. The Book of Numbers (3:19)
4. Loving You (4:24)
5. Harmony Road (3:18)
6. For Her Love (3:45)
7. The Hills on the Border (4:17)
8. Captain Bateman (4:14)
9. The Bells of St. Thomas (4:08)
10. The Bridge (2:34)
11. Waters of Tyne (2:10)
12. Captain Bateman’s Basement (3:41)
13. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay (2:55)
14. Shape Of My Heart (4:41)
15. Fragile (3:30)
16. Message In A Bottle (4:49)
17. If It’s Love (3:43)
18. Rushing Water (3:17)
19. For Her Love (3:56)
20. Por Su Amor (3:41)

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