Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3 – Static Transmission [Expanded Edition] (2003/2020)

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Steve Wynn continues his winning streak on Static Transmission. Ever since he rescued his lackluster solo career with the incendiary Melting in the Dark in 1996, his albums have been tough, smart, funny, and above full of living, fire-breathing soul. Static Transmission is 50 minutes of lean and nasty rock & roll with loud guitars, gritty lyrics, and a bleeding heart. The guitars howl and Wynn growls his noir lyrics like someone who knows what he is talking about. It is a strong record from beginning to end but some of the songs rank among Wynn’s best to date: “Candy Machine”‘s atonal live wire guitars are reminiscent of Dream Syndicate, and his words are biting and funny; “A Fond Farewell” is a loping, jagged ballad with an evil-sounding vocal and some lovely bells; and “California Style” is a classic single with a killer chorus and sterling guitar work. Some of the songs are just darn good: “Amphetamine” with its breakneck tempo and dueling guitars; “The Ambassadors of Soul” with a slinky electric piano and Wynn’s most heartfelt vocal; “Keep It Clean” is a storming song full of dynamic shifts, slashing guitars, and a wicked Wynn lyric and vocal. No Wynn record is complete without an extremely catchy tune with Wynn reeling off lyrical gems one after the other. His best so far was “500 Girl Mornings” from My Midnight, but the uncredited album closer here gives that song a run for its money; a Dylanesque, ramshackle acoustic singalong with goofy couplets like “a dead ringer for Veronica Lake/jumped right out of my birthday cake.” This is a great album by a rock & roll survivor. You may have forgotten him or written him off or maybe never even heard of him. If that’s the case, you need to give him a chance. No contemporaries make classic rock records like Wynn; he’s what bands like the Wallflowers wish they could be.


01. Steve Wynn – Here Come the Miracles
02. Steve Wynn – Shades of Blue
03. Steve Wynn – Sustain
04. Steve Wynn – Blackout
05. Steve Wynn – Butterscotch
06. Steve Wynn – Southern California Line
07. Steve Wynn – Morningside Heights
08. Steve Wynn – Let’s Leave It Like That
09. Steve Wynn – Crawling Misanthropic Blues
10. Steve Wynn – Drought
11. Steve Wynn – Death Valley Rain
12. Steve Wynn – Sustain (Unreleased Demo)
13. Steve Wynn – Southern California Line (Unreleased Demo)
14. Steve Wynn – Morningside Heights (Unreleased Demo)
15. Steve Wynn – Death Valley Rain (Unreleased Demo)
16. Steve Wynn – There Will Come a Day (Instrumental Unreleased Demo)
17. Steve Wynn – Strange New World
18. Steve Wynn – Sunset to the Sea
19. Steve Wynn – Good and Bad
20. Steve Wynn – Topanga Canyon Freaks
21. Steve Wynn – Watch Your Step
22. Steve Wynn – Charity
23. Steve Wynn – Smash Myself to Bits
24. Steve Wynn – There Will Come a Day
25. Steve Wynn – Watch Your Step (Unreleased Demo)
26. Steve Wynn – Smash Myself to Bits (Unreleased Demo)
27. Steve Wynn – Staten Island (Unreleased Demo)
28. Steve Wynn – Watch Your Step (Unreleased Demo 2)
29. Steve Wynn – Bitch Pants (Unreleased Studio Outtake)

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