Steve Goodman – No Big Surprise: The Steve Goodman Anthology (1994)

Posted by Green on June 8, 2020
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This posthumous compilation, released on Goodman’s own Red Pajamas label, spans two discs: the first highlighting his best studio cuts, with the second disc exclusively devoted to live tracks. About half of the songs are previously unreleased material or unreleased live recordings. This is probably overkill for the casual fan who just wants the “hits.” Diehard Goodman aficionados, however, are in luck. The live disc especially brings out the artist’s witty, versatile songwriting personality, showing how he could work a crowd by not taking the material (or himself) too seriously. Copious liner notes from close friends and family pay tribute to Goodman the man, songwriter, and performer. An essential buy for completists (due to the unreleased material), the compilation takes material from Goodman’s Buddah and Asylum albums, making it perhaps the best survey of his career to date.

CD 1
1. Between The Lines 3:20
2. Take Me Out To The Ballgame 2:31
3. Go Cubs Go 2:51
4. City Of New Orleans 3:52
5. Would You Like To Learn To Dance? [Previously Unreleased] 4:47
6. Souvenirs 3:31
7. Red Ball Jets [Previously Unreleased] 1:03
8. The One That Got Away 3:33
9. Talk Backwards 2:31
10. If She Were You [Previously Unreleased] 2:16
11. Danger [Previously Unreleased] 2:19
12. You Better Get It While You Can (The Ballad Of Carl Martin) 4:24
13. Yellow Coat [Previously Unreleased] 3:56
14. Banana Republics 3:44
15. California Promises 2:43
16. Bobby Don’t Stop 3:43
17. My Old Man 4:07
18. This Hotel Room 3:36
19. Where’s The Party [Previously Unreleased] 2:29
20. I Just Keep Falling In Love [Previously Unreleased] 2:45
21. Watchin’ Joey Glow 2:39
22. The Dutchman [Previously Unreleased] 5:21
23. In Real Life 3:36

CD 2
1. Chicken Cordon Bleus 2:59
2. The I Don’t Know Where I’m Goin’, But I’m Goin’ Nowhere In A Hurry Blues [Previously Unreleased] 3:58
3. Is It True What They Say About Dixie [Previously Unreleased] 3:26
4. Turnpike Tom [Previously Unreleased] 4:35
5. Elvis Imitators 2:51
6. Lincoln Park Pirates [Previously Unreleased] 3:53
7. Wonderful World Of Sex [Previously Unreleased] 3:12
8. Vegematic 2:55
9. A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request 5:58
10. Men Who Love Women Who Love Men [Previously Unreleased] 4:06
11. The Auctioneer [Previously Unreleased] 2:59
12. The Broken String Song [Previously Unreleased] 1:36
13. Just Lucky I Guess [Previously Unreleased] 3:29
14. I’ll Fly Away [Previously Unreleased] 4:27
15. It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie [Previously Unreleased] 2:04
16. Medley: Born To Be Wild/Teen Angel/Tell Laura I Love Her/Strange Things Happen [Previously Unreleased] 10:03
17. You Never Even Call Me By My Name [Previously Unreleased] 3:51
18. Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes [Previously Unreleased] 2:53
19. As Time Goes By [Previously Unreleased] 3:35

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