Stars of Cascadia – Riverside Skyline (2016)

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Stars of Cascadia shine brightly through the cloudy skies of Portland, Oregon. Their debut album Riverside Skyline is an alt-country gem straight out of Laurel Canyon and Bakersfield, bursting with melodic hooks and compelling harmonies while exploring themes of reminiscence and loss, small town struggles, and the duality of seasons. The group is led by singer/guitarists Scott Jeffries and Ray Yurkewycz, who began exploring their sound as members of Spirit Lake. Where that band colored Scott’s songs with their typical psychedelic bombast, Stars of Cascadia fully embrace those Americana stylings, joining latter-day revivalists such as Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, and Sturgill Simpson as spiritual heirs to Gram Parsons, the Byrds, and Neil Young.

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