Squares & Joe Satriani – Best of the Early 80’s Demos (2019)

Posted by Green on July 12, 2019
in rock

320 kbps | 86 MB | LINKS

Unreleased Recordings From His First Band, Finally Available! Joe Satriani’s first band, The Squares, consisted of Andy Milton and Jeff Campitelli. This album is a collection of previously unreleased demos by the trio.

“Joe’s guitar playing on these tracks is perfectly arranged, raw and visceral, with impeccable intonation and tone, exquisite phrasing, and fierce chops… all with no whammy bar or wha-wha! This record is a jewel for all Satch lovers, and a peek into the past of one of our beloved guitar geniuses.” (Steve Vai)

Joe Satriani, guitar, vocals
Andy Milton, lead vocals, bass
Jeff Campitelli, drums, vocals

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