Solomon Burke – His Golden Years [Remastered] (2020)

Posted by Green on September 18, 2020as



01. Christmas Presents (Remastered)
02. I’m All Alone (Remastered)
03. Why Do Me That Way (Remastered)
04. I’m in Love (Remastered)
05. To Thee (Remastered)
06. No Man Walks Alone (Remastered)
07. Walking in a Dream (Remastered)
08. A Picture of You (Remastered)
09. You Can Run but You Can’t Hide (Remastered)
10. This Is It (Remastered)
11. I Need You Tonight (Remastered)
12. You Are My One Love (Remastered)
13. For You and You Alone (Remastered)
14. Don’t Cry (Remastered)
15. They Always Say (Remastered)
16. My Heart Is a Chapel (Remastered)
17. Leave My Kitten Alone (Remastered)
18. Friendship Ring (Remastered)
19. Mama, Mama Dear (Remastered)
20. Doodle de Doo (Remastered)
21. It’s All Right (Remastered)
22. This Little Ring (Remastered)
23. I’m Not Afraid (Remastered)
24. You Don’t Send Me Anymore (Remastered)
25. Always Together (Remastered)
26. Honk, Honk, Honk Pt 1 (Remastered)
27. Honk, Honk, Honk Pt 2 (Remastered)
28. Keep the Magic Working (Remastered)
29. How Many Times? (Remastered)
30. Just out of Reach (Remastered)
31. Be Bop Grandma (Remastered)

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