Silvertooth Loos & The Witch – Witch Music (2015)

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Silvertooth Loos and The Witch all started when bold Almon Loos met his shy, quiet work neighbor Michelle Balanchi. They had one of their first dates at a vintage music store, and after he heard her play some Dick Dale on guitar, the rest was history. Many Cramps fans have looked to The Witch as Poison Ivy’s follow up. Word spread fast that there was a new female lead guitar player on the loose, and they landed their first two festivals (The Rockabilly Bomb and The Wild Rockin’ Rumble) in Germany within a couple of months of being a band in March 2013. With the fusion of both their taste, you could hear elements of Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Western, Surf, Country, Gypsy Jazz, Psychobilly, Jazz and the list goes on. With Silvertooth Loos’s shaky, crazy stage presence and his southern drawl along with the mysteriously sexy Witch and her fast fingers, people watch in awe and simply cannot place what they hear, but it stirs something within.

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