Scott Walker – In 5 Easy Pieces (2003)

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A Themed Five CD Anthology. Reissued long hardbook-style boxset from one of the most powerful voices in music, whose influenced everyone from David Bowie to Ken Stringfellow has given us 93 digitally remastered tracks spread across five themed discs, ‘In My Room’, ‘Where’s The Girl’, ‘An American In Europe’, ‘This Is How You Disappear’, & ‘Scott On Screen’, ranging from ’60s Spector-esque pop to the French cabaret pop of Jacques Brel plus many rarities & soundtracks on one CD for the first time.


In My Room – The Complete Bedsit Dramas, Including The Kitchen Sink
–Scott Walker Prologue / Little Things 3:40
–The Walker Brothers I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore 3:45
–The Walker Brothers In My Room 2:33
–The Walker Brothers After The Lights Go Out 4:07
–The Walker Brothers Archangel 3:42
–The Walker Brothers Orpheus 3:25
–Scott Walker Mrs. Murphy 3:20
–Scott Walker Montague Terrace (In Blue) 3:27
–Scott Walker Such A Small Love 4:53
–Scott Walker The Amorous Humphrey Plugg 4:30
–Scott Walker It’s Raining Today 3:59
–Scott Walker Rosemary 3:21
–Scott Walker Big Louise 3:08
–Scott Walker Angels Of Ashes 4:20
–Scott Walker Hero Of The War 2:25
–Scott Walker Time Operator 3:37
–Scott Walker Joe 3:40
–Scott Walker The War Is Over (Sleepers-Epilogue) 3:37

Where’s The Girl? – Songs Of A Lady, Love And Loss
–The Walker Brothers Where’s The Girl? 3:11
–The Walker Brothers You’re All Around Me 2:37
–The Walker Brothers Just Say Goodbye 3:37
–The Walker Brothers Hurting Each Other 2:43
–The Walker Brothers Genevieve 2:51
–The Walker Brothers Once Upon A Summertime 3:51
–Scott Walker When Joanna Loved Me 3:08
–Scott Walker Joanna 3:52
–Scott Walker Angelica 4:01
–Scott Walker Always Coming Back To You 2:36
–Scott Walker The Bridge 2:48
–Scott Walker Best Of Both Worlds 3:14
–Scott Walker Two Weeks Since You’ve Been Gone 2:46
–Scott Walker On Your Own Again 1:45
–Scott Walker Someone Who Cared 2:57
–Esther Ofarim Long About Now 2:06
–Ute Lemper Scope J 10:50
–Ute Lemper Lullaby (By-by-by) 11:06

An American In Europe – Home And Away: Songs From Europe And America
Part One: Europe
–Scott Walker Jackie 3:22
–Scott Walker Mathilde 2:37
–Scott Walker The Girls And The Dogs 3:08
–Scott Walker Amsterdam 3:04
–Scott Walker Next 2:49
–Scott Walker The Girls From The Streets 4:09
–Scott Walker My Death 4:56
–Scott Walker Sons Of 3:43
–Scott Walker If You Go Away 4:59
–Scott Walker Copenhagen 2:24
Part Two: America
–Scott Walker We Came Through 1:56
–Scott Walker 30 Century Man 1:28
–Scott Walker Rhymes Of Goodbye 3:05
–Scott Walker Thanks For Chicago Mr. James 2:16
–Scott Walker Cowbells Shakin’ 1:05
–Scott Walker My Way Home 3:29
–The Walker Brothers Lines 3:27
–Scott Walker Rawhide 3:56
–Scott Walker Blanket Roll Blues 3:13
–Scott Walker Tilt 5:05
–Scott Walker Patriot 8:01

This Is How You Disappear – The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn: 15 Big Hits
–Scott Walker The Plague 3:34
–Scott Walker Plastic Palace People 6:05
–Scott Walker Boy Child 3:37
–The Walker Brothers The Shut Out 2:47
–The Walker Brothers Fat Mama Kick 2:52
–The Walker Brothers Nite Flights 4:21
–The Walker Brothers The Electrician 6:02
–Scott Walker Dealer 5:09
–Scott Walker Track 3 3:43
–Scott Walker Sleepwalkers Woman 4:12
–Scott Walker Track 5 3:32
–Scott Walker Farmer In The City 6:35
–Scott Walker The Cockfighter 5:59
–Scott Walker Bouncer See Bouncer 8:34
–Scott Walker Face On Breast 5:15

Scott On Screen – Music From And For Films
–Scott Walker Light 3:21
–The Walker Brothers Deadlier Than The Male 2:32
–Scott Walker The Rope And The Colt 2:01
–Scott Walker Meadow 1:24
–Scott Walker The Seventh Seal 4:58
–Scott Walker The Darkest Forest 5:45
–Scott Walker The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti 3:32
–Scott Walker The Summer Knows 3:20
–Scott Walker Glory Road 3:33
–Scott Walker Isabel 6:40
–Scott Walker Man From Reno 4:22
–Scott Walker The Church Of The Apostles 5:51
–Scott Walker Indecent Sacrifice 4:08
–Scott Walker Bombupper 0:52
–Scott Walker I Threw It All Away 2:21
–Scott Walker River Of Blood 1:26
–Scott Walker Only Myself To Blame 3:38
–Scott Walker Running 1:44
–Scott Walker The Time Is Out Of Joint! 1:10
–Scott Walker Never Again 1:27
–Scott Walker Closing 1:54

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