Russian Circles – Blood Year (2019)

Posted by Green on July 27, 2019as

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Russian Circles will release their seventh full-length studio album, Blood Year, this August via Sargent House.

Blood Year, due August 2nd, was produced by Kurt Ballou at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, where the band cut its prior albums Enter, Geneva, and Memorial. According a press release, the band has opted to forsake the “divergent musical paths” found on albums like Guidance and Memorial for a more “direct and forceful” collection of songs.

In a different approach than the piecemeal songwriting process of past albums, the band set out to capture the essence of their live show on Blood Year, tracking the songs “together in one room as complete takes without click tracks”. Further guitar overdubs were tracked at Ballou’s God City studio, making for an organic yet sonically expansive recording.

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