Ron Kavana – Irish Ways: The Story of Ireland In Song, Music And Poetry [4CD Box Set] (2007)

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The words of the people in the songs of the Irish nation, represent a unique, vivid and accessible insight into the story of Ireland, giving voice to the views of a people often denied all other means of expression and dissent. Painstakingly researched, creatively written and recorded, more than six years in the making, Irish Ways is the first audio release of its kind that tells the story of the Irish people through the songs and poetry of Ireland. This unique collection is written and performed by internationally acclaimed Irish performer Ron Kavana. The son of an Irish father and an American mother, Ron Kavana was born in the County Cork village of Fermoy in the Southwest of Ireland, and resides in County Cork today. An established figure on the cutting edge of contemporary Celtic and British music for more than three decades, Kavana’s musicianship and songwriting have brought him together with such influential artists as Alexis Korner, Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones, Jack Bruce, Donovan, the Chieftains, Elvis Costello, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Doug Sahm, Richard Thompson, and the late Sandy Dennybut he is perhaps best known to audiences for his many collaborations and appearances with The Pogues. 5 hours of songs, poetry and narration in a 4CD digi-book style set. Features all new recordings and arrangements of traditional works and new material. Includes performances from Ron Kavana’s Alias Acoustic Band, Shane MacGowan, Paddy Keenan, Brian McNeill, Terry Woods, Mick Flynn and Niamh Parsons.


Disc 1

Pre-Historic Ireland To Normans
1. Songs Of Our Land
2. Seevocuda
3. Before History’s Tale Began
4. The Invaders
5. Arrival Of The Celts
6. St. Patrick
7. Partial Catastrophe
8. A Pagan Cult Survives
9. The Wran
10. The Vikings And Brian Ború
11. Weep Now For Poor Róisín
12. MacMurrough And The Normans
13. The Bards

Henry VIII To WIlliam Of Orange
14. Henry VIII
15. For All His Wives…
16. A Royal And A Reasonable Fellow
17. Irish Slaves
18. Elizabeth And The Planters
19. Liza
20. Follow Me Up To Carlow
21. Cromwell, Agent Of A Wrathful God
22. Young Ned Of The Hill
23. Lament For Ireland
24. Remember The 12th
25. Derry, The Boyne, Aughrim & The Treaty Of Limerick
26. Séan O’Duibhir A’Ghleanna
27. A Farewell To Patrick Sarsfield
28. Both Sides Of The Boyne

Disc 2

Penal Laws To Age Of Revolution
1. Wild Geese
2. Súil A Rúin
3. Penal Days
4. The Penal Laws
5. Farewell Granuaille
6. Deoraí
7. Rambling Irishman
8. The Bardic Tradition And Death Of O’Carolan
9. An Entrée
10. A Modest Proposal
11. John Barry
12. American War Of Independence
13. At The Siege Of Valley Forge
14. A French Revolution
15. The Carmagnoles

The Rights Of Man & 1798
16. The Sean Bhean Bhocht
17. The Rights Of Man
18. The Summer Soldiers
19. 1798 And The United Irishmen
20. Dunlavin Green
21. Boolavogue
22. Forging Of The Pikes
23. The Rising Of The Moon
24. Who Fears To Speak Of ’98
25. Roddy McCorley
26. A Winter’s Tale
27. By Memory Inspired
28. Truth And Understanding
29. The Union
30. The Shamrock Shore

Disc 3

Act Of Union To Great Hunger
1. Young Robert Emmet
2. Robert Emmet’s Last Words / Scaffold Passage
3. Emmet’s No More
4. After ’98
5. The Plains Of Waterloo
6. The Whiteboys
7. Buachaillín Bán
8. Daniel O’Connell
9. Daniel O’Connell & Érin Go Bragh
10. Further Catastrophe
11. O’Connell’s Dead
12. The Praties / The Lord’s Prayer
13. The Great Hunger
14. Mad Visions
15. The Famine Year
16. Skibereen

Emigration & The Diaspora
17. Diaspora
18. The New Road
19. Canada-I-O
20. The New Dominion
21. Crossing The Niagara
22. Bound For South Australia
23. The Plains Of Em
24. Adieu And Farewell
25. On The Tide
26. No Irish Need Apply
27. The Battle Of Bull Run
28. Muldoon, The Solid Man

Disc 4

Fenians To Civil WAr
1. Fenians, The Land League And Parnell
2. The Wife Of The Bold Tenant Farmer
3. The Uncrowned King / The Pinch O’ Snuff
4. Revival And Rising
5. The Foggy Dew
6. Easter 1916
7. War Of Independence And Civil War
8. Four Green Fields
9. Cry, Cry, Cry

Free State To Modern Ireland
10. Free State To The Troubles
11. In The Smoke
12. The Travellin’ People / Death Chant Of The Navaho
13. You Northern Gaels
14. Reconciliation
15. Old Ireland / New Ireland
16. Lovers And Friends
17. Irish Ways

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