Romantica – Shadowlands (2016)

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Although Irish ex-pat Ben Kyle’s released a solo album and recorded a duet collection with Carrie Rodriguez, it’s been seven years since there’s been any new music from Minnesota-based Romantica. The long wait for Shadowlands, their fourth album, has paid dividends, however, with 14 songs that bear testament to their understated and introspective brand of Americana.

As the title might suggest, the album muses on the darkness in which we often find ourselves living, but how the experiences can strengthen and purify, leading to a greater awareness of who we are. As such, Let The Light Go Through You is a fabulous way to begin, a reflective number about boyhood friendship, with aching pedal steel and a hint of Cohen to the refrain “singing hallelujah as the light goes through ya” as it unfolds a troubled path.

The need for light in the darkness is there too on Harder To Hear,  a gradually swelling lament about how  “It’s getting harder to hear my heart these days. Harder to hear my heart there is much culture in the way…harder to hear the truth there is so much money in the way…harder to hear from God there is so much religion in the way…harder to hear the hope there is so much journalism in the way.”  Again supported by wistful pedal steel, he sings “Somebody save me, somebody shine a light on this world tonight.” And again on the country soul seeping through the veins of Give Your Heart a Shelter, he sings of waiting until the light shines through.




01. Let The Light Go Through You
02. Harder To Hear
03. Give Your Heart A Shelter
04. Cecil Ingram Conor
05. Lonely Star
06. Here It Comes
07. After The War
08. Buffalo Bill
09. We Were Young
10. Blue Heart
11. Nobody Knows
12. St. Paul City Lights
13. Get Back In Love
14. Shandy Bass

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