Roger McGuinn – Peace on You (1974)

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When the Byrds were finally laid to rest by Roger McGuinn, the obvious next step was a solo career for the man whose gravelly voice, 12-string guitar leads and unerring sense of musical taste had been synonymous with the band he’d founded almost a decade earlier. 1974’s Peace On You found CSN&Y producer Bill Halverson giving a thoroughly ’70s sheen to an album whose highlights included the saucy Charlie Rich-penned title song and “Gate Of Horn,” a heartfelt McGuinn/Jacques Levy tribute to the legendary Chicago folk club. Here it is, tickets ready please, for stop number two of the ongoing, ever-fascinating solo career of Roger McGuinn.


1. Peace on You (4:02)
2. Without You (4:06)
3. Going to the Country (3:16)
4. (Please Not) One More Time (3:23)
5. Same Old Sound (3:29)
6. Do What You Want To (3:00)
7. Together (3:40)
8. Better Change (2:58)
9. Gate of Horn (2:47)
10. The Lady (4:17)

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