Rick Fines – Driving Home (2015)

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Driving home features a connection to Rick’s early musical influences — namely the presence of electric guitar on each track.
“I started as a rock and roller,” he says. “It’s The Rolling Stones and ZZ Top that brought me to playing music in the first place. The Allman Brothers and Johnny Winter. It was all about playing electric guitar to me … though I love both.”
Most people who know Rick’s music would consider him to be an acoustic musician, and he explains how musicians and artists can sometimes be pigeonholed by their previous work.
“You get put into a little box that you’re the acoustic blues guy, so I kept doing that,” he says. “But I thought, it’s really time to play electric guitar. I miss it, you know.”
The new record still sounds like a Rick Fines album, but it also sounds like he’s reinvigorated and newly inspired after a eight long years on the bumpy road of life.

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