Richard Thompson – Sweet Talker (1991)

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This is a soundtrack album by Richard Thompson for the sank-without-a-trace 1990 movie “Sweet Talker”, starring Bryan Brown as a con man. There are two fantastic rockers here that rank with Thompson’s best work: “Put Your Trust in Me” and “To Hang a Dream On”. Only a couple of the other tracks, including the melancholy “False or True”, have vocals. This is a soundtrack, so much of the album is instrumental soundtrack music, with styles ranging from orchestral (“The Dune Ship”) to Fairport-style folk (“Roll Up”) to soft jazz (“Beachport”) to “Harry’s Theme”, an instrumental reprise of “Put Your Trust in Me” that I can only describe as a bluegrass polka. Four of the tracks were co-written with keyboardist Peter Filleul, including the instrumental “Persuasion”, which Split Enz’ Tim Finn wrote lyrics for years later. The musicians include Dave Mattacks, Simon Nicol, Pete Zorn, Christine Collister, John Kirkpatrick, and Chris Leslie.

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