Remedy Club – Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes (2017)

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The Remedy Club are a young, fresh-faced married couple from Ireland, who look across The Atlantic to Nashville for their musical inspiration. They have tidy minds. This album is called Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes because some songs are about lovers (I Miss You, This Is Love, Last Song) others are tributes to legends (Tom Waits Up, Listening To Hank Williams, Django) and a third group are about lost causes (Get Away With It, Bottom Of The Hill).

KJ McEvoy is a classy guitarist, nimble and poised, never needing to break into a sweat. He’s at his best when he’s out of his Country comfort zone. For example, his Djangoesque lines on, erm, Django are superb. He has a good voice, too. Check out the yodelling on Listening To Hank Williams. However, it’s his wife, Aileen Mythen, that is the main vocal attraction. She has one of those butter-wouldn’t-melt, innocent voices that belies an ancient soul, kind of a cross between Shirley Temple and Etta James, soothing and disturbing at the same time. They blend together well, long nights practising in hotel bedrooms making them very sensitive to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They share the limelight and allow each other to take it without rancour.

Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes is essentially Country music, very impressively delivered by an exceptionally talented couple. There is a problem, though. These two have chemistry, a very positive type of chemistry. The woeful tales of lost love, heavy drinking and disappointment don’t fool anyone. These two are loving every minute and sound really happy together.

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