Red Hot Chili Peppers – Return of the Dream Canteen (2022)

Posted by Green on October 13, 2022
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After taking six years between its last two albums, Red Hot Chili Peppers have now taken six months between its latest pair. After topping the Billboard 200 with Unlimited Love in April the quartet brings Return of the Dream Canteen, recorded during the same sessions with producer Rick Rubin.
Drummer Chad Smith tells us that the Chili Peppers, “just wrote a bunch of music and wrote and wrote with no time constraints and ended up recording all these songs We just felt like we had too many good songs to not put out another record. It’s not like a B-sides record or anything like that. Everything felt good and right.” Smith adds that the Chili Peppers even recognized these 18 tracks as an album before the group put Unlimited Love together.

1. Tippa My Tongue 4:20
2. Peace and Love 4:03
3. Reach Out 4:11
4. Eddie 5:41
5. Fake As Fu@K 4:22
6. Bella 4:51
7. Roulette 4:57
8. My Cigarette 4:24
9. Afterlife 4:14
10. Shoot Me a Smile 3:42
11. Handful 4:00
12. The Drummer 3:22
13. Bag of Grins 5:06
14. La La La La La La La La 3:57
15. Copperbelly 3:44
16. Carry Me Home 4:13
17. In the Snow 6:05
18. The Shape I’m Takin’ 3:35

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