Rab Noakes – Demos and Rarities Vol. 2 – Adventures with Gerry Rafferty (2013)

Posted by Green on January 26, 2021
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Scottish singer-songwriter (b.13-May-1947, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland) in the British folk-country-pop-rock genres. Besides being a prolific solo recording artist, he was an early member of Stealers Wheel. He has also worked with Gerry Rafferty, Lindisfarne, John Martyn, and other notables.


01. Mary Skeffington (feat. Gerry Rafferty) (1971 Version)
02. Waiting Here for You (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
03. Shine a Light (feat. Gerry Rafferty) (1976 Version)
04. Restless (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
05. All Away (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
06. Long Dark Night (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
07. Fallen Ones (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
08. Blues Around Me Now (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
09. Same Old Place (feat. Gerry Rafferty) (1976 Version)
10. Lonely Boy Tonight (feat. Gerry Rafferty)
11. She’s All I See (feat. Richard Brunton & Steve Whalley)
12. I Won’t Let You Down (feat. Richard Brunton & Steve Whalley)
13. It’ll Be Me (feat. Richard Brunton & Steve Whalley)
14. See Me Again (feat. Liam Genockey, Richard Brunton & Steve Whalley)
15. Same Old Place (feat. Gerry Rafferty, Liam Genockey & Richard Brunton) (1979 Version)
16. Shine a Light (feat. Gerry Rafferty & Richard Brunton) (1979 Version)
17. (Sittin’ Here) Lovin’ You [feat. Gerry Rafferty]
18. Mary Skeffington (feat. Gerry Rafferty) (2001 Version)
19. Moonlight and Gold

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