Procol Harum – Chapter One: Turning Back The Page 1967-1991 [Remastered] (1991)

Posted by Green on December 29, 2021as

320 | FLAC

PROCOL HARUM is highly recommended for all the progheads who are interested in the birth of prog and its roots as well as its inventive use of an symphonic orchestra often used a real instrument in their music.

1 A Whiter Shade Of Pale
2 Quite Rightly So
3 Shine On Brightly
4 A Salty Dog
5 The Devil Came From Kansas
6 The Milk Of Human Kindness
7 Whiskey Train
8 Simple Sister
9 Power Failure
10 Conquistador
11 Bringing Home The Bacon
12 Nothing But The Truth
13 As Strong As Sampson
14 Pandora’s Box
15 Repent Walpurgis
16 All Our Dreams Are Sold

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