Peter Case – Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John (2007)

Posted by on May 26, 2015as

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The songs on Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John (including the sole cover, Robert Wilkin’s “Get Away Blues”) are stunning compositions to be savored and enjoyed. The tasteful accompaniment comes along in the manner of a duo train with seasoned, complementary backing by Richard Thompson (singing and guitar), Carlos Guitarlos (singing and guitar), Stranger Norm Hamlet (on pedal steel), Lysa Flores (singing), and Duane Jarvis (on guitar and percussion). What we have here is the anti-computer-virus, the kind of album that trumps all of Case’s other magnificent work (such as The Man with the Blue Post Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar) and sets a new standard for music. I will listen to this album as I do Bach’s Goldberg variations, with peace, intention, and pleasure.

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