Pete Molinari – Theosophy (2014)

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Along with the mainstay influences of Billie Holliday, Jack Kerouac, John Coltraine and Leadbelly, inspiration for “Theosophy” came from unexpected sources, including The Theosophical Society – an organization formed in 1875 “to promote an understanding of the Esoteric Teachings” and whose interest spans science, mysticism, religion and the arts. “Theosophy” pushes lots of musical boundaries, and with a host of musical allies he was able to explore new creative fields not ventured on past albums. It’s been a journey that has brought Pete to a new level of songwriting, epitomized best by Tchad Blake. As Pete recalls, “Tchad told me he admired my sense of abandonment. I think going off and finding out what he meant by that really summed up the whole record. The sense I got was that I’m not inhibited by anything that’s going on at the moment, whether the present or the past. I just go about things my own way.” That’s Theosophy.

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