Pearls Mahone – Echoes From The Prairie (2015)

Posted by on May 3, 2015as

320 kbps | 74 MB | UL | UA

Ever since 2006, Pearls Mahone has been touring and performing live across the country, establishing herself a loyal fan base yearning to hear her throwback sound of Western Swing and Rockabilly music. Mahone’s music and albums are dictated by her live shows, with upbeat rhythms and danceable melodies through and through. One of her main influences is the one and only Bob Wills, the man whose musical influence runs deep through Swing and Country music history. Pearls Mahone’s second studio album, Echoes from the Prairie, channels nice swing sound combined with some Jazz influence to bring forth a fun, upbeat listen.

For the most part, melody and instrumentals drive Echoes from the Prairie with notable fiddles, steel guitars, and saxophones finding their way into almost every song.

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