Paul Weller – Fat Pop (Volume 1) [3CD Limited Deluxe Edition] (2021)

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New album from the British singer/songwriter and former leader of the Jam and the Style Council, released through Polydor Records. Paul Weller – sometimes referred to as ‘the Modfather’ – has been creating music for 40 years, constantly reinventing himself in the process. Limited three CD version includes two bonus CDs containing non-album tracks and ‘live in the studio’ recordings.

Paul Weller can’t sit still. Even during busy times, he manages to release an album every other year, so when facing the lockdown accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, he did what comes naturally: he wrote and recorded a new album. Enter Fat Pop, Vol. 1, a bright burst of cheerful color arriving in the midst of a time of gloom. Though it doesn’t sound much like either record, Fat Pop, Vol. 1 belongs to a very specific category of Weller album, the kind where the title accurately describes what lies inside (think Heavy Soul or Sonik Kicks). Fat Pop, Vol. 1 is a dense, oversaturated collection of bold hooks, easy melodies, and multicolored sonics, a record that happily blurs distinctions between genre as it hops from mood to mood. Plenty of Weller touchstones are evident. Everything from Curtis Mayfield to Traffic can be found within the contours of the set’s 12 songs, familiar sounds that seem fresh due to unpredictable production juxtapositions, and a sharp decision to keep things tight and breezy. Half of the album’s tracks clock in at under three minutes, a move that allows for the mellow closing numbers “In Better Time” and “Still Glides the Stream” to play a bit like a reflective coda. This pair of tunes end Fat Pop, Vol. 1 on a slightly subdued note, but that only helps to put the dynamism of the rest of the record into perspective. Weller may often be adventurous, particularly during the third act inaugurated with 2008’s 22 Dreams, yet he rarely seems as loose and playful as he does here, and that sense of mischief is an unexpected and welcome gift.

Track List CD1 – Fat Pop (Volume 1):

01. Cosmic Fringes [2:22]
02. True [feat. Lia Metcalfe] [2:08]
03. Fat Pop [3:20]
04. Shades of Blue [3:07]
05. Glad Times [4:04]
06. Cobweb – Connections [2:57]
07. Testify [2:54]
08. That Pleasure [3:33]
09. Failed [2:44]
10. Moving Canvas [2:55]
11. In Better Times [4:48]
12. Still Glides the Stream [4:10]

Track List CD2 – Mid-Sömmer Musik:

01. On Sunset [6:10]
02. Old Father Tyme [3:51]
03. Moving Canvas [4:03]
04. Failed [2:50]
05. Village [3:27]
06. More [5:48]
07. Testify [3:16]
08. Still Glides the Stream [4:16]
09. Rockets [3:10]
10. Mayfly [4:01]

Track List CD3 – Bonus:

01. Round the Floor [2:58]
02. Serafina [2:51]
03. Crowboy [3:07]
04. Into the Sea [2:43]
05. Pure Sound [2:59]
06. Fat Mix [16:02]

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