Paul Personne, Robben Ford, ‘Bumblefoot’ Ron Thal – Lost In Paris Blues Band (2016)

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The Lost in Paris Blues Band’ is the unbelievable encounter of open-minded and free-minded musicians able to gather in a legendary studio in Paris for this fun and unexpected session. I spent three sunny days of blues, good times and friendship. Life can provide some beautiful surprises. – Paul Personne

This opportunity to record in Paris with these great musicians was a very welcome bonus to my time in France last year. Paul Personne is a great blues artist and this is a special record. – Robben Ford

It’s a great pleasure and honor to be part of the Lost In Paris Blues Band and make this album together! All of us in a room playing live, capturing those spontaneous moments… Every time I listen it’s like being there again – thank you for this gift…! – Ron „Bumblefoot“ Thal

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