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Posted by Green on September 9, 2020as

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Suzanne Elizabeth Ungerleider, who writes and performs under the name Oh Susanna, is an American-Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia, currently based in Toronto. Ungerleider chose to perform under the name Oh Susanna rather than her given name as a means of keeping her private and professional lives separate. She initially wanted to be a somewhat theatrical performer. “I had this notion, okay I’m going to try and wear these vintage clothes and I play this old Stella guitar, which is like this mail order guitar that blues guys used to play,” said Ungerleider.


1997 Oh Susanna (Stella EP)
1999 Johnstown
2001 Sleepy Little Sailor
2003 Oh Susanna
2007 Short Stories
2011 Soon The Birds
2014 Namedropper
2017 A Girl In Teen City
2019 Johnstown (20th Anniversary Re-Mastered & Extended)
2020 Sleepy Little Sailor (Deluxe Edition)

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