Nits – The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (A&B Sides 1977-1987) (2018)

Posted by Green on September 26, 2020
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The Nits were formed in 1974 in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
Towards 1989, the release of the live album Urk, the band name “The Nits” is changed into “Nits”.
Nits have a recording and rehearsal facility called Werf Studio and are the owners of Werf Records.
Occasionally Nits are part of a band called Frits; a collaboration with Freek de Jonge.
Some members of Nits, Henk Hofstede and Rob Kloet but also ex-Nits members Laetitia van Krieken and Arwen Linnemann, are part of a band called Ho Orchestra.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary (1974-2014) of Nits a Swiss cover project resulted in the release of the 3CD set Isnt Nits and an accompanying 5-track digital EP Isnt Nits – Isnt Quite Enough performed by various international artists.

CD 1:
01. Yes Or No (handclap version)
02. Ronald Razorblade
03. Yes Or No (2nd version)
04. Looking For A Friend
05. Tell Me Baby
06. Umbrella
07. Some Other Night
08. Tutti Ragazzi
09. Harrow Accident
10. The Young Reporter
11. A To B; C To D
12. Tent
13. New Flat
14. Her Second Zebra
15. Bobby Solo
16. Tables And Chairs (long version)
17. Holiday On Ice
18. Different Kitchen
19. Red Tape
20. Goodbye Mr Chips!
21. Slip Of The Tongue
22. Oriental Skies
23. Nescio
24. Man Of Straw
25. The Vermillion Pencil

CD 2:
01. Clean Shirt In Paris
02. Sketches Of Spain
03. Bild Am Sonntag (a capella)
04. Bild Am Sonntag
05. Nickel And Wood
06. Mask
07. Mountains In Minutes
08. Vah Hollanda Seni Seni
09. Fanfare
10. Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof
11. Mask (live)
12. Sleep (What Happens To Your Eyes)
13. The Potato Eaters
14. Typist Of Candy
15. Her Second Office
16. Cabins
17. Cabins (live version)
18. In The Dutch Mountains
19. Strangers Of The Night
20. J.O.S. Days
21. Yksi Kaksi Kolme

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