New Order – Substance (1987/2020)

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It’s a simple concept the first dozen singles by New Order collected, a couple of them rerecorded–but it’s also a totally entertaining seven-year history of the band that married British post-punk alienation to the relentless hedonism of the dance floor. The band’s hits were always deeply unconventional (like the haunting “Blue Monday”, essentially a seven-minute drum machine test with a short lyric that alluded to the Falklands War), but they were brilliant productions, layering dozens of electronic countermelodies and percussion tricks over Bernard Sumner’s uncertain warble and Peter Hook’s lead bass parts. Though they’re audio snapshots of the dance beats of their time, they’ve held up both as club classics and as idiosyncratic rock songs.


01. Ceremony
02. Everything’s Gone Green
03. Temptation
04. Blue Monday
05. Confusion
06. Thieves Like Us – 12″ Extended
07. The Perfect Kiss
08. Sub-Culture
09. Shellshock – John Robie Remix
10. State Of The Nation
11. Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
12. True Faith
13. In A Lonely Place
14. Procession
15. Mesh (AKA ‘Cries and Whispers’)
16. Hurt
17. The Beach
18. Confused
19. Lonesome Tonight
20. Murder
21. Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)
22. Kiss Of Death
23. Shame Of The Nation
24. 1963

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