Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Santa Cruz 1984 (2019)

Posted by Green on May 4, 2019as

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XTRAORDINARY 1984 BROADCAST RECORDING FROM NEIL & THE HORSE in 1984, Young toured with both the International Harvesters during the annum s second leg, while earlier, in February, he stepped out, briefly, with Crazy Horse. The 1984 California Club Tour was a 2-date, 4-show residency at Santa Cruz s Catalyst Club, across the 6th & 7th of the month, with two shows played on each day. The late show on the 7th was recorded for FM Radio Broadcast, and is released here, in its entirety, for the first time on CD. A quite extraordinary show for a number of reasons, not least the dynamic performance the band gave, but even more enticing, is that the audience and those listening in on the wireless, were treated to no less than five previously unreleased cuts. Kicking off with a pair of such in Rock, Rock, Rock and So Tired , the group pepper the rest of the gig with three further gems absent from any NY albums, both then and now: I Got A Problem , Stand By Me and Touch The Night.

1. Rock, Rock, Rock (04:19)
2. So Tired (03:28)
3. Violent Side (06:15)
4. I Got A Problem (03:56)
5. Stand By Me (04:13)
6. Your Love Is Good To Me (04:34)
7. Powderfinger (05:56)
8. Barstool Blues (04:14)
9. Welfare Mothers (03:52)
10. Touch The Night (11:45)
11. Tonight’s The Night (09:26)
12. Cortez The Killer (07:41)
13. Cinnamon Girl (03:32)

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  • Ian Jones says:

    I Got a Problem and Touch The Night both appeared on the 1986 release, LANDING ON WATER, though not backed by Crazy Horse. Stand By Me was written and sung by Billy Talbot and has not appeared otherwise.

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