Needles//Pins – Good Night, Tomorrow (2017)

Posted by on July 16, 2017as

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Vancouver-based pop-punk band Needles//Pins is back from a three-year hiatus with their third full-length offering, Good Night, Tomorrow.

The trio, made up of guitarist/vocalist Adam Solomonian, bassist Tony Dubroy and drummer Macey Budgell, released a couple of 7″ singles and a cassette before putting out 12:34, its first full-length album, in 2012. Since then the band, with its high-energy sets and Solomonian’s signature growly vocals, has been a fixture on the live scene in Vancouver.

Lyrically, the songs on Good Night, Tomorrow are a chronicle of Solomonian’s life in the city, full of references to coping with boredom, never-ending rain and, most of all, his chronic battle against insomnia.

“I think it’s just an environmental thing. It’s just such a good description for a lot of things that have to do with Vancouver, ” he told ION magazine. “That whole record is about my insomnia…. One of the things that often happens when you lie awake is that you listen to the rain.”