Motel Radio – Siesta Del Sol (2019)

Posted by Green on July 23, 2019as

320 kbps | 103 MB | LINKS

Harmonies, harmonies, harmonies…Homemade harmonies for days! What’s not to love?! Motel Radio’s vocals are a cut above most in alt today as they beautifully (and seemingly effortlessly) conduct multi-part harmonies throughout their debut album ‘Siesta Del Sol’. This four piece band from New Orleans is actually fronted by two vocalists and it shows. They’re just so damn good vocally.

Let’s not leave the music out of this. Motel Radio have a signature blend of alt-pop and psychedelia that you’ll be sure to dig. Their guitar riffs are are silky smooth as ice. Their pop sensibilities allow them to offer up music that is radio ready, while their psychedelic aspects provide a nice sonic companion.

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