Molly Gene One Whoaman Band – Live (2014)

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You’ve heard of one man bands, you may have even seen a one man band, but if you haven’t seen Molly Gene you’ve never seen anything like a one whoaman band. Molly delivers a delta blues bombast of booze soaked vocals, hound dog harmonica, swampified guitars and drums that sound like something between John Bonham and a bar fight – all at the same time. Both onstage and on record, Molly’s not afraid to let the world know that she has no need for a band. Her big sound owes a lot to her footdrum system (check out that she kicks to death, night after night, with her cowgirl boots. Molly Gene may well be the hardest woman working in alternative blues today. Hailing from Warrensburg, Mississippi, Molly is currently living in a 2003 Dodge Ram conversion van and working a nonstop tour of America’s southeastern states. She recently played in downtown Melbourne and none of the laid back Florida locals were ready for what she laid down. She calls her music Delta Thrash and it could be compared to a very pissed off Janis Joplin (with RL Burnside on guitar) raging about how she needs more whiskey right damn now because she’s looking to get her a man and he better be a damn hard man. With songs like “Hillbilly Love”, “Smells Like Low Tide”, “My .22” and “Mississippi Thud” it sure doesn’t take long to figure out that this southern belle from hell takes no prisoners, gives no quarter, and just might steal your beer. If you can handle gettin’ your ass kicked by a whoaman check her out on the web, FB, myspace, and all the usual outlets. Buy a record while you’re there – give a whoaman a hand.

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