Molly Drag – Resemble Another (2021)

Posted by Green on September 13, 2021as

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While Michael Hansford’s output as Molly Drag has rarely dipped its toes in the pools of juvenile subject matter (let alone macho confrontation), his latest LP Resemble Another still feels a bit jarring in its naked expression of topics ranging from addiction to death to mental disorders to divorce, along with heavy themes of extraterrestrialism and religion—how it impacts our lives regardless of whether we believe in a god—frequently packed on as the glue that holds these themes together. Stripped of much of the instrumental flourishes of his previous record Touchstone and its predecessors (even lacking the foray into electronic music those projects ventures into), this latest record feels like a lyrics-first confessional fit for a period of universal isolation.

“This album was recorded during a period of sobriety, lockdown, isolation, a break up, and overall clarity from a long-overdue mental disorder diagnosis,” Hansford explains. “A process that helped strip away the tortured artist trope, with a mindset of wanting my mind and body to be healthy. To me this album brought light into the project for the first time.”

With the album officially out today, Hansford took the time to detail each track, diving into the specific moments in the past he pulled from to weave the project together. “I’m not the best at explaining where my songs stem from,” he discloses, “but I’ll try my best.”

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