Michael Nesmith – Songs [12CD Box Set] (2019)

Posted by Green on August 15, 2022as

320 | FLAC

As a member of The Monkees, Michael Nesmith needs little introduction. Aside from his ground-breaking projects in the field of music video and film production, he has enjoyed a solo career since he left the Monkees that has encompassed many styles of music, but has always been supported by his wonderful songwriting, alongside some very astute choices of songs he has covered. Includes the albums Magnetic South (1970), Loose Salute (1970), Nevada Fighter (1971), Tantamount To Treason, Vol. 1 (1972), And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ (1972), Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Hash (1973), The Prison (1975), From A Radio Engine To Photon Wing (1977), Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma (1979), The Newer Stuff (1989), Tropical Campfires (1992), and The Garden (1994).

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