Melanie – Live At The Meltdown Festival 2007 (2009)

Posted by Green on May 13, 2020
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With guitar in hand, Melanie conquered Woodstock and the original Glastonbury with her songwriting, powerful voice and even more powerful message. She was once hailed by The New York Times as the female Bob Dylan and was the first solo pop/rock artist ever to appear at Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera House, the Sydney Opera House. Her record sales are more than eighty million to date and her songs have been covered by singers as diverse as Cher, Dolly Parton, and Macy Gray. Although UNICEF made her its spokesperson, she has continued to tour world-wide, but not in Britian. She played her last sell out British gig nearly 20 years ago before Jarvis Cocker sent her a special invitation to open the Meltdown Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in June 2007.

CD 1
1. The Roamer (Live) 01:06
2. Someday I’ll Be a Farmer (Live) 02:28
3. Beautiful People (Live) 04:55
4. And We Fall (Live) 04:31
5. Smile (Live) 04:49
6. 6 to Be the One (Live) 04:55
7. Jammin’ Alone (Live) 04:23
8. Poet Is King (Live) 04:43
9. Brand New Key (Live) 04:24
10. I Tried to Die Young (Live) 05:19
11. Alexander the Beetle (Live) 02:57

CD 2
1. Beau Guitar Solo 1 (Live) 04:55
2. Beau Guitar Solo 2 (Live) 05:57
3. Peace Will Come (From Glastonbury Fayre) (Live) 04:35
4. Carolina On My Mind (Live) 03:55
5. Ruby Tuesday (Live) 05:32
6. The Ballad of Crazy Love (Live) 05:38
7. Ordinary Rain (Live) 04:55
8. What Have They Done to My Song Ma? (Live) 07:13
9. Lay Down (Live) 05:18
10. Motherhood of Love (Live) 03:52
11. Extraordinary (Live) 05:29

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