Maria Taylor – Something About Knowing (2013)

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MMaria Taylor has spent her career in camaraderie and collaboration. Darting from the old day job as half of Azure Ray alongside Orenda Fink to deliver multi-instrumental and vocal favours to the likes of Bright Eyes, Now It’s Overhead and the mighty Crooked Fingers, Taylor has become a Saddle Creek stalwart who has also managed to glean acclaim for her delicate, sepia-soaked solo outings.
Taylor celebrates the ultimate collaboration here on Something About Knowing – her new, world-tilting experience as a first time parent colours much of the record, largely with joy and optimism, but also with teeth-clenching cuteness and cliché.
Displaying an incredible knack for a tune on the beguiling, half-whispered opener “Folk Song Melody”, it’s nimbus-light touch is reminiscent of some of the finer moments of Eleanor Friedberger with occasional memory flashes of Father John Misty’s debut, even the occasional ear pricked towards Iron and Wine. “You can’t be free until you’re ready/I got lucky you see” coos Taylor’s lilting, falsetto-reaching voice and we’re given the first indication of the overwhelming lyrical theme and tone of the album – heart-swelling optimism with foundations built on the joy of parenthood.

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