Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates – Hard Expectations (2018)

Posted by Green on April 13, 2018as

320 kbps  | 136 MB | LINKS

The brilliant blending of soul smacked, classic and contemporary rhythm and blues stylings are represented beautifully and a favorite from the list proves blissfully elusive as a result. Tracks like My Love, Hard Times, Three Times and I’m Gone and Walk All Over Me all struggle for pride of place as my favourite song, but please the fight becomes futile because on the tremendous diversity of the individual tracks. The entire album has a distinctly organic ‘feel’ as though all these tremendous musicians have, quite by coincidence, brought their A game to a jam session and someone thought to hit record. The laugh on completion of Walk All Over Me speaks volumes about how the band feel about these accomplishments and I must humbly agree. I have left Move On from the list of favourites as an attempt to disguise my shameless favouritism, because to be honest, my chin hits the floor every time Joe Bonamassa puts plectrum to strings and this track is no exception to that rule.

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