Lynyrd Skynyrd and Friends – Super Jam I 1978 (2015)

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FEATURES THE ENTIRE 1978 BROADCAST, BONUS SKYNYRD TRACKS AND RARE 1976 INTERVIEW WITH RONNIE VAN ZANT – COMPLETE 80 MINUTE CD In late 1978, in preparation for a tentative return to the stage, the surviving members of Skynyrd had begun rehearsing at Studio One in Doraville, Georgia for the first time since the crash. As time passed, word got round that the band were working at Studio One, and many of their long-time musician friends began to drop by to catch up & wish them well. This led to lengthy late night jam sessions with a revolving cast of musical well-wishers stopping off to join in, and helping the Skynyrd guys shake off the rust from their time away. Participants included members of some of Southern Rock’s best known bands, including members of The Outlaws, The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie & The Charlie Daniels Band. These jams started sounding so good that it was decided to record events over a few of the sessions, and the best of these recordings were broadcast by local radio – the results, as can be heard in their entirety on this CD are nothing short of stunning. With commentary between songs by Gary Rossington, essentially telling the story of the sessions and detailing exactly who played on which songs and with quite superb sound quality throughout, this is quite possibly the most legendary yet little heard recording that members of Skynyrd were ever involved in. As bonus cuts on this CD we also include the aforementioned Call Me The Breeze and the instrumental version of Free Bird from January 1979 at Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam and as an extra special bonus, the CD is completed with a lengthy 1976 interview that Ronnie Van Zandt gave to DJ Jim Ladd – one of the most candid and honest interviews he ever gave.

1. Jitter Bug (Live) ( 3:52)
2. Cocaine (Live) ( 8:18)
3. Reflections (Live) ( 6:13)
4. Southbound (Live) ( 5:00)
5. I Don’t Want To Go Down There (Live) ( 3:47)
6. Anyway You Want It, That’s The Way I Want It To Be (Live) 3 ( 6:00)
7. Another Pretty Country Song (Live) ( 5:53)
8. Ain’t That Loving You Baby (Live) ( 5:00)
9. Call Me The Breeze (Live) ( 7:53)
10. Call Me The Breeze (Volunteer Jam 1979) [Live] ( 5:40)
11. Free Bird (Volunteer Jam 1979) [Live] (13:42)
12. Ronnie Van Zant 1976 Interview ( 5:51)

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