Lucille Furs – Another Land (2019)

Posted by Green on March 29, 2019as

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The psych-pop quintet just released their second album ‘Another Land’ via Requiem Pour Un Twister. The 13-track LP is filled with exotic psychedelic gems that will do just that: take you to “another land.” Oozing with mellotron, tambourine shakes and the delicious, breathy vocals of singer Trevor Newton Pritchett — Lucille Furs satisfy in every way. Songs like “Leave It As You Found It” fuel my desire to explore (perfect for a hike), while tracks like “Paint Euphrosyne Blue” will have you groovin’ about and shakin’ those hips from side-to-side. There’s just something so vibrantly sexy about the sounds and feels that radiate from “Paint Euphrosyne Blue.”

While listening to Lucille Furs, you can’t help but time travel through some Beatles (‘Revolver’ – ‘Yellow Submarine’) dosed with a bit of the Zombies and a sprinkle of Seeds. What grows out of all that colorful goodness is an infectious psych pop flower of sounds known as Lucille Furs. Each of their petals takes you on a different journey; 13 journeys to be exact.

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