Lou Reed – The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box (2015)

Posted by admin on November 30, 2020
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Lou Reed was a singer and guitarist best known as a co-founder of the influential rock group the Velvet Underground and later, as a legendary solo artist. He wrote evocative music using his knowledge of poetry while exploring a variety of genres and personas over his career including glam rock and heavy metal. Famous for writing and singing famous classic hits including ‘Perfect Day’, ‘Sister Jane’, and ‘Rock and Roll’, Reed continued to perform and record into his later years, releasing more than 16 albums over the course of his lengthy career. He has won two Grammy awards including the Hall of Fame award after his tragic death in 2013.The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box contains eight incredible Lou Reed albums in a quirky 10CD clamshell box including: New York, Songs For Drella, Magic and Loss, Set The Twilight Reeling, Perfect Night In London, Ecstasy, The Raven and Animal Serenade.

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