Lou Reed – Magic and Loss (2020) LP

Posted by Green on January 31, 2021as



A01 Dorita – The Spirit
A02 What’s Good – The Thesis
A03 Power and Glory – The Situation
A04 Magician – Internally
A05 Sword of Damocles – Externally
B01 Goodby Mass – In a Chapel Bodily Termination
B02 Cremation – Ashes to Ashes
B03 Dreamin’ – Escape
B04 No Chance – Regret
B05 Warrior King – Revenge
C01 Harry’s Circumcision – Reverie Gone Astray
C02 Gassed and Stoked – Loss
C03 Power and Glory, Part II – Magic – Transformation
C04 Magic and Loss – The Summation

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