Lonely Tourist – Remuneration (2018)

Posted by Green on May 22, 2019as

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Remuneration is the fourth Lonely Tourist album. Produced by Jim Lang in Glasgow.

It contains ‘Lamacq Livener’ Frank the Barber and two BBC Radio Scotland singles of the week Luxury Coach and Last Day at Tony’s (also played by Gideon Coe on 6music a few times).

The album has a theme. The theme is work and employment. All the songs somehow relate to that. Luxury Coach is about zero hours contracts, Last Day at Tony’s is about a now closed sandwich shop in Bristol (nothing like Plume of Feathers obv). The rest you can probably guess. Some are true (the bit about Dundee… true….happened), some complete fiction. Reserved Occupation is for my Granda who worked in a brass foundry in Glasgow during WWII.

It is as varied as a round of drinks on a Xmas night out and it even includes wee shots you will remember later the next morning.

Thanks to Stephanie Black for the ongoing brilliant artwork. Stephanie based the artwork on the painting The Angelus that depicts two peasants praying. Poor peasants. That is definitely a shift. You should ask Stephanie to do your album covers.

Also thanks to Jim Lang for his work on this album. We fought technical demons and limited time slots to make it. The man is a musical talent whirlwind and a good laugh. Likes the same wine as me too. The album would be all the poorer without his musical open mindedness and astounding ability in production and playing. You should definitely ask him to produce your album.

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