Liv Slingerland – Hey You (2022)

Posted by Thomas on August 6, 2022as

320 kbps 


01. Album Intro (It Might Be Time) (1:44)
02. Hey You (2:57)
03. Bad Dreams (3:20)
04. Running Away From the Party (3:07)
05. Clever (4:00)
06. An Entire Lifetime (2:59)
07. God Forbid (4:17)
08. Shouldn’t Bother (3:34)
09. Temporary Letdown (3:16)
10. Come Back to Me (3:34)

You may recognize Liv Slingerland if you’ve caught recent tours from artists including Overcoats and Alex Lahey. The guitarist and bassist has been in demand as a touring musician for some time now, having recently even scored a spot playing SNL with Olivia Rodrigo and currently hitting the road with Halsey.

Yet somewhere in the midst of all this excitement Slingerland managed to cobble together 10 recordings which will serve as the debut full-length from the songwriter, with Hey You slated for an August 5 release via Ani DiFranco’s queer- and women-focused label Righteous Babe Records. Along with the news of the LP, Slingerland is sharing a psychedelic visual for her first single from the project, an acceptance-stage breakup anthem that serves as the record’s title track.

“‘Hey You’ is a song I wrote after a really bad breakup,” she shares of the single, which documents Slingerland moving on from an ex over buzzing guitars. “I was feeling overly consumed by the experience long after things had ended, and writing this song was a cathartic way to get past some of that. I also really wanted to create a memorable guitar solo moment a la my classic rock heroes alongside the cowbell-heavy drum patterns my good friend India Pascucci wrote.”

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