Leonard Cohen – Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour (2015)

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Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour gives listeners an extremely special glimpse into Cohen’s intimate rehearsal process, widely known to be in-depth ‘concerts before the concert!,’ heard by fans for the first time with this new record. The album consists of Cohen rarities recorded on his recent Old Ideas tour and features two new original Cohen songs, ‘Never Gave Nobody Trouble’ and ‘Got a Little Secret’, plus two covers never recorded by Cohen; George Jones’ ‘Choices’ and ‘La Manic’ originally by Georges Dor.


1. Field Commander Cohen (Live at Denver Soundcheck, 2012) (4:24)
2. I Can’t Forget (Live at Copenhagen Show, 2012) (4:17)
3. Light as the Breeze (Live at Dublin Show, 2012) (6:33)
4. La Manic (Live at Québec City Show, 2012) (4:14)
5. Night Comes On (Live at Mönchengladbach Show, 2012) (5:55)
6. Never Gave Nobody Trouble (Live at Odense Soundcheck, 2013) (4:51)
7. Joan of Arc (Live at Québec City Soundcheck, 2012) (6:30)
8. Got a Little Secret (Live at Auckland Soundcheck, 2013) (4:35)
9. Choices (Live at Christchurch Soundcheck, 2013) (3:31)
10. Stages (Live at Sydney Show and Hamburg Soundcheck, 2013) (3:42)

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