Lambchop – I Hope You’re Sitting Down [Reissue] (1994)

Posted by Green on January 4, 2020as

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A mix of post-modernism and straight (not roots) country music. The spooky organ fills, saxes, clarinets, and cello make this sound at times like the Art Ensemble of Chicago-as-country-band. Kurt Wagner’s morose, resigned lyrics and dry, almost spoken delivery can get hard to take over the course of the hour-plus disc. “Soaker in the Pooper,” a song about suicide in the bathroom, gave Wagner almost instant notoriety, and many of the other songs deal with similarly downbeat matters, although usually not as directly.

John Delworth: Farfisa organ, Hammond M-3organ
Deanna Varagona: vocals, alto sax, cello, banjo
Paul Niehaus: National lap steel guitar, trombone, vocals
Allen Lowrey: percussion, drums
Jonathan Marx: Vito clarinet, alto sax, vocals
Steve Goodhue: the drums, mandolin, ukulele, keyboard strings/harp, banjo
C. Scott Chase: open-end wrenches, percussion
Bill Killebrew: guitar
Mark Trovillion: the bass
Kurt Wagner: 1929 Gibson L-3 guitar, vocals
Mike Doster: string bass on “Soaky in the Pooper”

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