Kings of Convenience – Peace Or Love (2021)

Posted by Green on June 17, 2021as

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‘Peace or Love’ is the sound of two old friends exploring the latest phase of their lives together and finding new ways to capture that elusive magic. recorded across five years in five different cities, the album sounds as fresh as spring: 11 songs about life and love with the alluring beauty, purity and emotional clarity that you would expect from Kings of Convenience.


1. Rumours (4:10)
2. Rocky Trail (3:30)
3. Comb My Hair (3:06)
4. Angel (3:16)
5. Love Is A Lonely Thing (feat. Feist) (2:46)
6. Fever (3:56)
7. Killers (3:54)
8. Ask For Help (4:07)
9. Catholic Country (feat. Feist) (3:01)
10. Song About It (3:05)
11. Washing Machine (2:46)

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