King Crimson – Three of a Perfect Pair (2020)

Posted by Green on April 5, 2020as

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Three Of A Perfect Pair, the final 1980s studio album by King Crimson, was released 36 years ago this week. Here’s the background to the recording of the album taken from the sleeve notes for the 40th-anniversary edition.

If the music of Discipline and, to a lesser degree, Beat had fallen into place relatively easily and naturally, the material making up King Crimson’s third and final album of the 1980s proved to be rather more elusive and difficult to nail down than anyone in the group could have imagined. “We’d all like to think that our better rock groups ‘compose’” Bill Bruford observed in 1984 after the release of Three Of A Perfect Pair, “but Crimson sort of scuffles for its music. It’s down there somewhere on the rehearsal room floor, and it scrabbles and gets its fingernails dirty.”

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