King Biscuit – Well, Well, Well (2017)

Posted by on January 31, 2017as

ZVBR~257 kbps | 73 MB | UL |

King Biscuit is a story of a road trip in Dolorean in the Mississippi Delta. Sylvain Choinier, with the ships’ joysticks, cleared some well-preserved sound memories and allowed the rise of the present to distort them. Freshly returned from this journey, he opened the trunk of the car in trance, and came out many surprises. Amplified platforms, fiddles, harmonica microphone without harmonica, pocket fan, battery elements … and two guitars look like nothing. The perfect paraphernalia at the service of a surprising blues and one can not more rock that will be declined in several formulas, according to the companions of road who come to visit this garage of the future.

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