Kevin Morby – Harlem River (2013)

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Harlem River is mostly concerned with different shades of subtlety, which makes the rare overt moments stick out like an anarchy patch on a wedding dress. This is an album which references Easy Rider and Bob Dylan and has the temerity to sing a song called “Wild Side” (which is largely concerned with walking) in a recognizably Reedian drawl. That also means Morby’s perhaps quixotic intent to refashion himself as a 60s-era nomad is sometimes undercut by the limitations of his arrangements: the repeating breakdown in “Wild Side” is rhythm-disrupting brittle, and the cowpoke shuffle of “Reign” is a little too on-the-nose in its attempt to tell a modern outlaw tale. But those moments aren’t too distracting. Morby largely succeeds at taking us on his journey, imploring that the big “Where am I going?” question isn’t so daunting so long as you keep collecting suggestions.

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